“When God wants a great work done in the world or a great wrong righted, he goes about it in a very unusual way. He doesn’t stir up his earthquakes or send forth his thunderbolts. Instead, he has a helpless baby born, perhaps in a simple home and of some obscure mother. And then God puts the idea into the mother’s heart, and she puts it into the baby’s mind. And then God waits. The greatest forces in the world are not the earthquakes and the thunderbolts. The greatest forces in the world are babies.” ~ET Sullivan

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The First Week

Samuel is 8 days old. Here are the highlights of the first week.
  • Samuel has learned how to eat, sleep and poop. These activities occupy his entire day.
  • He sleeps very well. When we're lucky, 4-5 1/2 hours at a time. He eats all day, so that's okay with me.
  • Today he learned how to spit up. It was gross.
  • Since he was born, we've done five or six loads of laundry.
  • We've used approximately 100 diapers so far. When he's awake, we're lucky if a diaper lasts 30 minutes.
  • Grandma is really good at changing diapers, and willing too.
  • Leah is a very nurturing big sister and continues to be a generally happy little girl. She likes to "hold it" (the baby) and keeps asking mommy to feed her milk, too. She can tell she's not the center of attention anymore, but so far is handling it well.
  • It took us all week to finally capture Samuel's adorable dimples, featured in the last picture--look closely. (click any picture to see it enlarged)


Anonymous said...

It took him a whole week to learn to spit up? That week must have been heaven. Paul is a champion spitter-upper....He officially challenges Samuel to a competition next month. Now get praticing, Sammy!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures Samuel and Leah. Leah you look like your really enjoying being a big sister to Samuel. What cute dimples you do have Samuel.

Love ya both a bunch.
Aunt Joy

Anonymous said...

Yea, pictures of Gramma with EACH grandkid! Score! Add my vote to the cute kids register.